USA: Part 3 – The Wild West

Obviously, Monument Valley is too iconic to leave at just a sunrise from a distance. We needed to get amongst the serenity, and that requires going offroad. The Navajo Reservation charges $20 for a self-guided 15-mile rally tour around the valley, through gravel, clay, mud and snow. Our little hire car did an excellent job…

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USA: Part 2 – The South

It’s hard to put in words what it means to see these objects ‘in the flesh’. It’s partly about the beauty of the machines in-and-of themselves. It’s partly about looking at something so hugely (literally) complex and marvelling that a group of humans could organise themselves enough to actually build six* of them. It’s partly about what they represent in terms of the human spirit of exploration. For me, the Saturn V and the space shuttle represent the best of what it is to be human.

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USA: Part 1 – East Coast

The were too many others to list, but a recurring feeling I got while walking around was that were so many corners hiding surprises, and spaces which I needed less to examine than to soak up. If I had more time, I’d take a good book and sit in a lot of these rooms and let the culture osmose into me, through my pores or something.

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2018 Book Report

It took me two years to finish; I found myself re-reading entire chapters multiple times before I completely understood the material; I had to put it down regularly and return after a fortnight’s break in order to really assimilate it, and even then I’m sure that plenty eluded me. 

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2017 Book Report

Every year I get through a stack of books, and never remember them as clearly as I’d like. Working theory: the act of documenting my reading will somehow tether it in my memory. So this is my good intention for 2017: review everything I read. A project for the ages. The future will thank me.

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2016 Music Report

It’s that time again: a year’s worth of trawling through blogs, friend recommendations, and Spotify Related Artists, producing multiple hundreds of candidates. The list is ground down over 365 days of listening, leaving only a few standing out at year’s end. Each album is submitted to the usual treatment: a guaranteed three listens (unless […]

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